How we got started...

Three brothers developed the bottling business in South America (Uruguay) in Aug 2000.

In response to the demand, continue growth and success, the company expanded their brand assortment and launched: HAKA ENERGY DRINK.

All products are produced to the highest quality standards in a modern manufacturing facility located in Montevideo, Uruguay and just recently the company has started manufacturing HAKA in Canada as well.

Quality control is assured through the operation of the company's own laboratory, which is a key factor in the preparation, production and new product development.

Responding to the growing demand for a great tasting energy drink, the company started its research and developement in 2010.

In January 2012, after two years of product development for a unique taste and packaging, the company introduced HAKA as a new energy drink to the South American market and in late 2016 to the Canadian market..